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Convallaria majalis is also known as Our Lady’s tears or Mary’s tears in some regions, possibly due to the pure white tear-shaped flowers. Majalis tells us that it flowers in May; traditionally the flowers are sold on the streets of France on the first day of May.

Latin for Gardeners by Lorraine Harrison, 2012.

Gemstones by Month

  • In January the Garnet should be worn;
  • In February the Amethyst;
  • In March the Bloodstone;
  • In April the Diamond;
  • In May the Emerald;
  • In June the Agate;
  • In July the Carnelian;
  • In August the Sardonyx;
  • In September the Chrysolite;
  • In October the fickle Opal;
  • In November the Topaz; and
  • In December the Turquoise.

Jewellery by Cyril Davenport, 1908.


Immortality, friendship, happiness, high esteem, powers of endearment, good luck, memory, faith, brought wisdom, cured eye & heart ailments, rings worn by physicians (Brazil).

Symbol Sourcebook by Henry Dreyfuss, 1972.

Abruzzan Serpari

During the feast of San Domenico at Cocullo and Pretoria in early May, the statue of the saint is paraded through the streets covered in live snakes.  According to popular belief, the saint is said to protect against poisonous snake bites.

Knopf Guide:  Italy, 1998.

“More suicides take place in May than December or March or any other dreary month.”