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Evil Eye

Three guards against the evil eye:

  1. mano fica - doubling together all the fingers and inserting the thumb between the forefinger and the middle finger
  2. mano cornuta - extending the forefinger and ring finger, while keeping the thumb and other fingers folded.
  3. mano pantea - extending the index and middle fingers, while holding the ring and little fingers close to the palm with the thumb.

The Annotated Dracula by Leonard Wolf, 1975.


Atom is from Latin atomus, the twinkling of an eye (the shortest measure of time) and from Greek atemno, not cut, indivisible, something so small it cannot be divided.

More About Words by Margaret S. Ernst, 1951.


One-eyed giant in Irish tradition. He is similar to Ysbaddaden in that his eyelids have to be opened by his servants.

An Arthurian Dictionary by Charles and Ruth Moorman, 1978.


The god of eloquence and wisdom. He was the guardian of a well in which wit and wisdom lay hidden, and of which he drank every morning from the horn Gjallar. Odin once drank from this fountain, and by doing so became the wisest of gods and men; but he purchased the privilege and distinction at the cost of one eye, which Mimir exacted from him.

A Dictionary of the Noted Names in Fiction by William A. Wheeler, 1865.

The Crocodile

Some have written that the Crocodile runneth away from a man if he winke with his left eye, and looke stedfastly uppon him with his right eye, but if this bee true, it is not to be attributed to the vertue of the right eye, but onely to the rareness of sight, which is conspicuous to the Serpent from one eye.

The Elizabethan Zoo - a book of Beasts Both Fabulous and Authentic, 1979.  Selections from Pliny (1601) & Topsell (1607, 1608).