The Pattern Still Remains

Collecting snippets of information
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Poseidon has a son named Triton, who is half man and half fish. After Poseidon had brought on a storm, it was Triton’s job to come to the surface and blow a blast on a horn made out of a large sea shell. At the sound of Triton’s horn, the waves were calmed.

Words from the Myths by Isaac Asimov, 1969.


The castle of the grail, the original form of which was probably Carbenoit, the castle of the blessed horn, which demonstrates perhaps a confusion of cors “horn” with cors “body,” a horn of plenty with Blessed Sacrament.

An Arthurian Dictionary by Charles and Ruth Moorman, 1978.


The god of eloquence and wisdom. He was the guardian of a well in which wit and wisdom lay hidden, and of which he drank every morning from the horn Gjallar. Odin once drank from this fountain, and by doing so became the wisest of gods and men; but he purchased the privilege and distinction at the cost of one eye, which Mimir exacted from him.

A Dictionary of the Noted Names in Fiction by William A. Wheeler, 1865.