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Siamese Twins

The term “Siamese twins” dates to 1811, when a pair of conjoined twins was born in Bangkok, the capital of Siam (now called Thailand). The twins Eng and Chang (which mean “left” and “right” in Siamese) were joined at the lower end of the sternum.

Handy Anatomy Answer Book by James Bobick, 2008.

Dexter & Sinister

The dexter side of the shield is the right side.  The sinister side, the left side of the shield. Therefore, the dexter side of a shield, to an observer, would appear on his left, the sinister on his right.

Flags of All Nations by Cleveland H. Smith, 1946.

The Crocodile

Some have written that the Crocodile runneth away from a man if he winke with his left eye, and looke stedfastly uppon him with his right eye, but if this bee true, it is not to be attributed to the vertue of the right eye, but onely to the rareness of sight, which is conspicuous to the Serpent from one eye.

The Elizabethan Zoo - a book of Beasts Both Fabulous and Authentic, 1979.  Selections from Pliny (1601) & Topsell (1607, 1608).